One More Line

Title : One More Line
Release Date : 3 February 2014
Format : digital

Stream the new single:

Our debut single, One More Line. A frightfully illuminating tale of London life told in three trashy minutes against a back-drop of dirty riffs, pounding drums and frantic vocals that echo the soiled insanity of city living.

This tune will have your lugholes standing to attention the instant the screaming, murderous feedback slams out of your speakers. “We wanted to capture the bustling mundane days against the hazy, sleazy nights in the city. A tip o’ the hat to the city we were spawned in and love”.

One More Line is available on all hold-in-your-hand formats and digital download. If you have to, sell your own or somebody else’s body to science to buy it.

“Do you feel you belong here…?”