The Band

A frantically filthy concoction of dirty, raw, garage-rock blues – Wolf Club Lunar Society are the brainchild of tale-telling guitar-wielding front man Antony Flynn, and his collaborative powerhouse sticksmith Sammy J.

The pair are joined by an assorted musical chutney in the form of Peter Sim (gritty guitar, howling harp), Flynn and J discovered him playing harmonica for pizza in a local car park on the eve of the band’s first live radio performance. They asked him to join them there and then and he duly obliged.

Miss Aimes Anand (violin, vocals) completes this unlikely quartet, “We weren’t actually looking for a fourth member when we stumbled upon Aimes,” said Flynn “we met her roaming around a dingy Lewisham bar covered in face-paint and fairy wings challenging the locals to whisky drinking contests… from then on we were sold.”

Wolf Club Lunar Society hail from the deepest south of the river Thames. Taking inspiration from the city’s sleazy core, they set exacting vivid imagery against techno-coloured monochrome riffs. Cutting their teeth in the darkest back-alley clubs the capital has to offer, their live show is a pure encapsulation of punk rock spirit, sneering at self-restraint, tipping its hat to a time when music was more than aural-beige and your favourite band was a badge of honour.

The Wolf Club are powered on plutonium.

They’ll hit you like a slug in the chest from an angry Libyan.

“We are not here to change the world, Wolf Club Lunar Society exist to make great records pure and simple. We find art in chaos and inspiration in the imperfections of our surroundings, a connection which bonds the four of us together to share with the outside.”

This is where it all starts, will you be here when it ends?

Laura Cockburn 5084 LR

Antony Flynn

Ripping riffs, ranting rants

Standing outside a shoe shop, telling the world what-for.


Sammy J

The drum set

Eating drums for breakfast.

Laura Cockburn 5076 LR

Big Pete Sim

Haunting harmonica, solos and slide

In a car park, covered in leather and dust, wailing.

Laura Cockburn 5284 LR


The strings and things

Cocktail bars. Potato shapes. Happy days.